Quelle casquette choisir pour cet été ?

Which cap to choose for this summer?

Caps are real fashion accessories. Depending on the style, pattern or color chosen, it is a way to stand out and highlight membership in a certain community. And you, what hat do you plan to wear this summer?


Initially worn by the military, the cap will then be taken over by the working sector before reaching urban fashion. It will take a rather round shape with a short visor in a newsboy style, then a flat style like a beret.

Today when we talk about caps, we think directly of American caps (baseball, snapback, fitted or strapback) which have become real sales stars. These famous caps are recognized, they are present in fashion magazines and are worn by stars such as Rihanna or Emma Watson.

As summer approaches, wearing this headgear will quickly become essential, whether for outdoor walks or practicing a sporting activity on the beach. A question of choice therefore arises for you given the multitude of brands and models available to you.


street look

As you will have understood, depending on your style, you are not going to choose just any cap.

Therefore if you opt for a "street life" style by dressing for example with a hoodie and a pair of sneakers, you will be more likely to go for baseball or trucker caps like those suggested by the Perks Clothing brand with its unique logo and famous designs.

However, fashion is very variable over the years, we can undoubtedly approve of wearing an urban style (streetwear), sport chic, casual (casual) or even classic with all types of caps. And as Orson Wells said : “Style knows who you are, what you mean, and what you don't care about. ". We can thus conclude that your style is your strength, your identity and it does not matter if this style breaks the rules since it belongs to you.

Working Style

Far from the streetwear style, the cap can also be a working girl/boy accessory. In mentality, wearing a cap at the office is a bit like coming for jogging and we would be happy to avoid remarks like “is it Sunday today? » or even « you came as a tourist? “And yet, it is possible to wear this famous cap without committing the irreparable by shocking one of its collaborators but on the contrary while remaining chic.

Imagine yourself, ladies, pairing your cap with high-waisted clip-on pants combined with a nice T-shirt and blazer jacket. A pair of black pumps or for the more daring a pair of fancy heels. Enough to charm his team!

Obviously sir, you can associate this cap with a pretty sober suit depending on the color of the latter. A pair of dress shoes or even a pair of sneakers and you're done.

Feel free to post a photo of yourself with our caps on Instagram by tagging us with the hashtag #Perksteam . We will be proud to see the PERKS VIBES in you!